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Sue's 'Revelations' - PG-13 T'Pol/Tucker, T'Les - enterprise_fics [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Sue's 'Revelations' - PG-13 T'Pol/Tucker, T'Les [Jan. 4th, 2005|09:45 am]


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And here's another! ;)

Title: Revelations
Author: Sue
Feedback: susieqla@yahoo.com
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: T'Pol/Tucker, T'Les
Spoilers: 'Home,' slight 'Borderland'
Summary: Writing this one has made me feel lots better. After 'Home,' I freely admit that I feltdevastated; had nearly lost the will to write anotherTrip and T'Pol fic. Silly me; this is therapy. Thesetwo fictional people have truly become a part ofme...(sigh). Here's hoping they will be granted a canon-sanctioned future together.

She would not be returning to her mother's home. That thought brought a measure of comfort. There would be no chance of her bumping into the commander. Trip had departed just after the ceremony had concluded. For as long as she lived she would never forget the look on his face when she had dared to sneak a furtive look at him once she stood as Koss' property. Everything they as friends, and in time, more, had shared, and what might have shared, but never would, was frozen like a dismal tableau on his countenance, his beautiful distraught face.

'Oh, Trip...Trip...please forgive me. I never meant to hurt you. *Please* believe me...and trust me too. Somehow, there might still be a chance...'

T'Pol sighed as she quickly changed out of her ceremonial garb; she could not shed her attire of what she considered her trappings of bondage, fast enough. *He* had told her how amazing she looked. She had
wanted to leave, escape with him, her impossibly sweet, noble human, right then and there, but her sense of duty and loyalty to her mother had prevented her.

Instead of concentrating on the words that were said over Koss and herself, binding them as husband and, what she now considered herself as, a trophy, her mind had dwelt on the first time Trip and she had, 'made love,' as he had put it; they had done so over and over. She had become *his* that very first time he cradled her between his legs.

She would face him again, she must, when she returned to ENTERPRISE to begin serving on her commission. But, for right now, she had no desire, or more accurately, she possessed too heavy a heart, to see him.

She had packed a change of clothes, bringing them with her. The ceremony had seemed to drag on for eons; time that could have been much better spent elsewhere. She had promised to show him many varied sites of Vulcan's
singular beauty, and as it had turned out, he had only seen the 'lava fields,' as he had called the barren location. She wondered if he would associate the site with a bad memory; the place where she had told him
of her plans to marry Koss.

She hung her head, remembering how he had accused her of bringing him all that way just to see her marry someone else. "Someone you barely know," Trip had protested. Even now she was uncertain exactly why she
had never told him how Koss' appearance, his demand they wed, were things she had not anticipated herself.

Yes, Koss had certainly spoiled EVERYTHING. She had intended for Trip and herself to get better acquainted, and not in the physical sense, although that had seemed to be on Trip's mind quite frequently. She had really
wanted to expose him to all that Vulcan meant to her. Now his only memory of her beloved homeworld would be his having suffered more personal loss.

Deep down she knew it was not just Koss who was to blame. She could have rejected him, outrightly, could have put her interests first, and would have
never been able to regain any closeness with her mother. If they argued and never saw eye-to-eye at present, she imagined how much worse the situation
would be if she had flatly said, "NO, never darken the approach to my home EVER AGAIN..." to Koss.

What a bind the selfish Vulcan had put her in. The only man whom she was growing more and more fond of, day by day, forfeited. Though the marriage was a sham, the gritty fact remained that as long as Koss lived, he had legal claim on her. If she chose to dishonor him in any way, any indiscretion, outright defiance, it would mean total disgrace for her family
for generations. She would undo any good she had sought to achieve by marrying.

She would be viewed as the one at fault, especially since all concerned knew Koss had granted her an extended time to fulfill her obligations with the
humans and their agency, Starfleet. He could have insisted she quit and begin her new role in life immediately.

Somehow, though, she felt how quickly her time serving for Starfleet would pass, and then it would be all Koss, all the time.

She tucked the fringed edges of her sand-colored blouse into the loose-fitting, pastel teal pants she had just stepped into, but then, peevishly, yanked the fabric back out, having decided to wear the blouse this way
instead of stuffed inside the pants. Besides, at Selaya, she would be given the customary robes which she would wear for the duration of her stay.

She had thought to give Trip a tour of the retreat at the magnificent mountain, but it never happened. The day she had wanted to take him there, Koss had called, demanding she honor their, what he insisted it be, iron-clad betrothal. Her myopic 'pain in the lobe,' had spoiled everything, she pined again, oh, indeed, how he had. After he had left, T'Pol had taken to her room, stating in no uncertain terms that she needed time alone, time to mediate. Trip and her mother had gone off together; T'Les had not told her where.

T'Pol's mind reeled back several frames to the morning in which she had awakened Trip early so that she and he could prepare breakfast for T'Les and themselves. He had looked so inviting in that bed, looking as if, like a lost boy, he had lost his way in a dreamscape. What would she have done with him if her mother had not been on the premises, two rooms down? What, indeed?

The disiplined side of her mind knocked that randy notion clean out the box, and attended to the memory at hand...

He, waving the 'elau'kkia,' what he had said looked like a carrot with a skin condition, wanted to know, "What's this called again?" He shook it like a madman, taking special care to flourish the fuzzy stalk directly beneath T'Pol's nose.

He could be so child-like, but even that had grown on her. "Please stop abusing the food, Commander..."

"Ah, ah, ah...you promised while we're here, and your mom's not in earshot."

T'Pol pursed her generous lips. "I don't wish calling you that at this point in time."

"Yes ya do. C'mon. Or..." He tickled the tip of her nose with the mutant carrot stick.

"Or?" She fanned the vegetable stalk away. "Or, what?"

"I just might go ahead an' spill the beans. Tell your mom we make mad, passionate love, every jolly chance we get. Whenever, wherever."

A look of shock mingled with something almost akin to exhilaration displayed on T'Pol's face. "You wouldn't!" But, already she had her answer, or so
she had imagined.

Snorting, he replied, "Try me, darlin', you should know me by now. 'Sides, your mom's no dummy. Probably's got us all figured out, anyway. When she
thinks I don't have a clue she's sizin' me up, I get the fisheye, like...'don't think I don't see all the fingerprints you've left on my little girl, you human wolf.'" He positioned the exotic veggie beneath the
knife T'Pol held. "C'mon, you said you would."

"Are you going to divulge the nature of our relationship?"

Solemnly, he said, "No, course not. It's *our* business, isn't it? Only way I'd breathe a word is if you wanted me to. And, I know you don't want me to."

"It's not because I'm ashamed...Trip."

"Now, see how easy that was? 'Trip,' I never get tired you callin' me that."

"Trip, I am *not* ashamed."

"I know that too. Goodness sakes, you're my girlfriend, after all's said an' done. Aren't ya?"

Yes, she supposed that was what she really was when all was boiled away. It was more than feeling closer with him, it was needing him too. After she
nodded, rather shyly at that, Tucker noted, she reassured, "In the sense that you mean it, I am." She laid the knife aside, and at the coaxing of his
arms which had encircled her, turned in his embrace. "I accept the significance you attach to the word's contextual meaning."

"Glad to hear it," Trip jibed, his voice strong and deep with emotion. His planting saucy little kisses along the outline of the tender shell of T'Pol's
tempting ear, steadily driving them both off kilter.

"I have missed you, 't'hy'la...'"

He groaned into her ear and felt her body tremble. The tip of his nose contentedly nuzzled the delicate curvature of her ear. Slowly, he invited, "That goes double for me. What say tonight, we go for a moons'-
lit walk?"

"I would like that." T'Pol closed her eyes, growing heady from his intoxicating aroma, the irresistible tug of his ardor.

"And maybe afterwards..." Trip crushed her body to his and satisfied his thirst for her lips, his craving for everything she gave to him without thinking. When they finally came up for air, Trip achingly inveigled, "You know afterwards."

"Indeed," T'Pol assured. "Further exploration." Her whole being had rejoiced in anticipation.

"You're even more sexy when you get all scientific on me. Shoo, I've told ya that before, but I'm so turned on, and I know that right here and now there's not a thing we can do about it. Hell, your mom's hearin' is even keener than yours, darlin'." No argument from T'Pol, she knew that well. They kissed again, becoming even more passionate. "You're the best, T'Pol, the absolute best," he attested, until he thought he heard her sigh.

Trip had thought it was unlike any sigh he had ever heard, and it had filled him with even more love for her which he expressed with action, not words, as
yet. No, not words, yet. A better time had to come, and come soon...

"I think my mother is nearing. She will know. We must not continue with--"

"You're hearin' things," Trip casually dismissed, too caught up, unable to overcome his intense desire to keep running his hands over T'Pol, everywhere, filling his soul with the pleasure she gave him.

"No I'm--" T'Pol pried herself away from him, donned the knife again, and began chopping the 'elau'kkia' furiously.

"To be continued..." Trip vowed, pinching her at the waist; she really had lost quite a lot of weight recently. Their experiences in the Expanse had
certainly exacted so much from them all. He popped one of her choppings into his mouth and crunched loudly enough for T'Pol to raise an eyebrow. So, he pinched her again.

"You call this helping?"

"Okay, okay," he laughingly said. He took up a knife, latched unto a particularly tuberish-looking 'elau'kkia' and began chopping away. "How's this?"

"Better," T'Pol conceded. Her reward was Trip kissing her lightly on her cheek.

As was usually her norm, she had been correct, T'Les had been on the move, and she had caught just enough of their heated exchange, both visually and verbally, to know that her daughter and this human she had brought in tow, were lovers, just as she had suspected from the first, having laid knowing eyes on him. *Colleague*, indeed...

The sound of her mother's measured approach dissolved her savored recollection, a memory she would never relinquish and knew she would use to her advantage whenever she needed to. Already, she knew she would resort to it often in the trying days to come.

"You are not going with Koss?" T'Less asked patiently.

"No, Mother, I am not," T'Pol rejoined, pointblank, with no life whatsoever in her tone. "I am going to Mount Selaya to meditate."

"The commander left before the ceremony ended."

"No, he did not. He left right after it concluded."

She was not here to quibble with her flesh and blood. "I sensed he was not pleased with the joining."

T'Pol knew that to be true. Her commander was dismal; even now, she felt his anguish. "Perhaps the ritual was disturbing for him to witness as an outsider."

How long would her child keep this up? T'Les replied, "No, I sensed his distress was due to another cause..."

T'Pol tamped down her desire to declare her unruly feelings for the man she loved. "Mother," she struggled, and choked down what screamed to be said.
"It is time I go."

"May peace come to be yours, daughter. I will never forget what you have foregone on my account."

T'Pol turned sorrowful eyes on T'Les. "Mother, we have had our differences, but we are of one flesh, one mind, one heritage." The younger Vulcan
gathered what little she had brought with her and prepared to depart.

"He loves you, T'Pol." T'Les had fairly blurted it. She could not bear to see her child in this state, a state that troubled the older woman deeply. Yes, despite their many differences, she loved her child, wilful and headstrong though she could be. "He told me so. Your human loves you very much. He knew telling you would cause you pain."

"Yes, mother, I know."

"So much so in fact that he sacrificed his happiness for...your cohesion of mind. He is a good man, T'Pol."

"This too I know. I have known this for some time." Looking her mother dead in the eyes, T'Pol revealed, "We share the bond." She told her mother this, knowing full well what it conveyed; she and the commander had consummated their relationship. What her mother would not be privy to is how many times over they had done so. Showering with the commander was one of her special

"Initially, I misjudged him. I thought, perhaps, you were a mere novelty to him."

"Initially, when we first met, I was, but, over time, he has come to mean much to me. What you see, is what he is, deep inside. There is no pretense with him." Her throat had become thick with emotion she was barely suppressing.

T'Les took her child's hand which shivered a little in her firm grasp. "That I have seen for myself. And he is quite skillful with his hands." T'Pol stared at her mother, and the older woman actually began to smile faintly. "I have appliances that are in better working order now, than the day they were obtained."

"Commander Charles Tucker, the Third is also an engineer without equal," T'Pol said with an unmistakable ring of pride. She had every right to be proud; her blue-eyed love was a genius!

T'Les jiggled T'Pol's hand. "He is quite the raconteur. I enjoyed his stories of his Florida." Pausing, she renewed, "It is not for me to advise you, T'Pol, those days are long over. But, what I can suggest, is, perhaps, give this situation which seems to have no clear resolution, time. The future is beyond any of our controls." T'Pol studied her mother intently
while re-analyzing, 'Mother, time manipulation is quite possible...' She had a wealth of critical, personal experience to draw on. "There is no telling what might develop..." T'Les continued. "I can see why you are
so taken with him."

T'Pol stopped breathing for a moment. Was she hearing her mother correctly? Was her nurturer, she herself the participant in a difficult union, saying she approved of her choice? Of *Trip*? This was truly a day of revelations. "You spoke of children before. I realize this will sound moot, but if it were biologically possible, and having the commander for
my husband, if I conceived, I would view it as a consummate honor to bear his, and *only* his. What others think, both Vulcan and human alike, is of no consequence."

T'Les' reaction was far from what T'Pol might have expected. "Indeed, my daughter, indeed. If most humans are as your Trip is, then we have misjudged
them, for the most part. I was impressed with his restraint when I intentionally chose to speak Vulcan, deliberately excluding him from our conversation."

"Misjudgment comes easily before profoundly knowing what the truth truly is. When truth is revealed, much is learned."

"You speak well, my daughter. Your time with the humans has enriched you. May your sojourn at Selaya prove beneficial. Not merely insightful, but provides the logic coupled with wisdom to guide you in your way. A journey only you can make."

"Yes, Mother, I too hope for such. I have much to mediate on..."

"It is good to have you with me again, 'ashal-veh ko-fu.' When we are together, it is home."

Though far from being their custom, as heritage dictated, mother and daughter embraced. T'Les rubbed T'Pol's nose with her own, and T'Pol reciprocated, generously. Despite what T'Pol had told herself while
entrenched in the thick of the crisis, that had nearly rent her soul, she had missed her mother too. She'd missed her more than she could admit...until now.



[User Picture]From: evenstarsgoblue
2006-07-23 03:17 pm (UTC)
hey, I just came across this community, don't know if anybody will read this comment :) ->beautiful story, loved it!
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[User Picture]From: aphelant
2006-07-23 04:27 pm (UTC)
Cool! I can forward your feedback to Sue if you like, or you could clicky clicky on the email link above (provided it still works, of course). Thanks for reading!
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